Here are some helpful “Tips” on what you can do to market and promote your Shopping Sherlock business!

Here are instructions for setting up your Ad and Coupon for the Sherlock Mobile App you will be sharing with others. Click this link to download the pdf;

Instructions for setting up Mobile App Ad and Coupon

How to create a Facebook Group;

Here are pdf’s on “Jumpstart Instructions” that you can share with your Team;


Fiverr is an online website where people sell services starting at $5.50 each and up. You can buy Twitter followers, YouTube Views, Facebook Likes, Flyer Design and many other helpful services that will market your business.

Animoto is a video template platform where you upload your images and select their music to create powerful video presentations that can be uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo. The only thing to be careful about is sometimes the music clip you select will “Match 3rd Party Content” and you will have to dispute it on YouTube, which is easy to do. Just explain that you used Animoto and they will release the video from the dispute quickly.

Create a Facebook Group and add as many of your friends as you feel would want to work with you. You can also buy Group Joins from Fiverr to jumpstart your Group. Share posts regularly on the group but make sure the posts are unique and not the same content over and over. Also create a Facebook Business Page and be sure to like other pages 10 or so daily but not too many at a time. You can buy Facebook likes on Fiverr to jumpstart your page as well.

Create a LinkedIn Group and market and promote the link on your other social media profiles to get people to join. The post regularly in the group and engage others in dialog. You can also publish Posts and Updates from your LinkedIn profile but again make sure the content is rich, new and engaging, not the same content over and over.

Create a Blogger Blog and a YouTube Channel from your gmail account. Blog often and also share your blog posts links to your social media profiles.

I will be updating this page regularly so check back often!